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Chevrolet Guide

Get the best online car shopping experience with expert reviews of Chevrolet. Read more to learn about the most important features and important factors to consider when researching Chevrolet.


The Chevrolet brand is best known for its style, safety, and affordability. The Chevrolet Camaro remains one of the most popular sports cars in the world. Chevrolet is trusted worldwide because of its stylish exterior, powerful engine, safety features, sportiness, and affordability. The former tagline, "Chevy will drive you happy," still resonates today. Discover the advances in technology, the powerful handling experience, and best-in-pricing in today's Chevrolet.


Futuristic, Sophisticated Style

Consumers buying Chevrolet vehicles are those who appreciate good looks. Each car in the Chevrolet line offers beautiful, striking exterior features such as curved edges and sophisticated body styles. Chevrolet is the American-made vehicle that provides luxury and power with economic expertise. Car buyers want to feel real power behind the wheel while enjoying a stylish interior design, and Chevrolet delivers on those expectations.

Smart Economics

The Malibu, Equinox, and Silverado are favorites from the Chevrolet inventory. The entire Chevy fleet has excellent handling and is ranked high for fewest rollover hazardous events. Chevrolet is the car you send your child off to college in without worrying about safety, the truck you trust for heavy-duty loads, and the SUV you and your family drive to explore the world.

Advanced Safety Features

The most important safety feature in any Chevrolet vehicle that you purchase is you. The safety package on Chevrolet vehicles is there to help you be a better you on the road. Front Pedestrian Braking will alert you to pedestrian traffic and initiate braking if necessary, while Forward Automatic Braking detects oncoming vehicles and lessens the impact if a collision is unavoidable. Adaptive Cruise Control uses a front-facing camera to enhance cruise control to reduce braking and deceleration. The Rear Vision Camera sees directly behind the vehicle to deter rear-end collisions. High-Definition (HD) Surround Vision provides vision around the whole car to avoid rear collisions and rollovers. A Rear Camera Mirror makes lane changing safer in high traffic conditions. Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning gently moves the steering wheel and alerts you when your vehicle departs from your lane.


Not as Exciting as Some Competitors

The Chevrolet Equinox starts around $24,995, which is excellent for a mid-size SUV, but it lacks the pizazz of some of its counterparts like the Kia Sportage and the Ford Escape. Chevrolet has added a touch screen to its entertainment package, which is an improvement.

Room for Improvement When It Comes to Cargo Space

Cargo space is still way behind the competition with Chevrolet. There are only 29.9 cubic feet of space with seats upright and only 63.9 with seats folded. It's not the worst in class, but there is room for an upgrade.

Collision Avoidance Is Not Standard

The collision-avoidance braking and lane-keep assist features do not come standard but are available at an additional cost.

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