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    Chevrolet Suburban Guide

    Get the best online car shopping experience with expert reviews of the Chevrolet Suburban. Read more to learn about the most important features and important factors to consider when researching the Chevrolet Suburban.


    This vehicle is spacious, powerful and equipped with stylish features for a nice appeal. The Chevrolet Suburban is a utility SUV with clean lines and a simple approach coupled with an impressive interior space. The nine-person capacity of the truck comes with the comforts of adjustable settings, soft upholstery, and heated seats. Everywhere you look inside, there's extra space to find.


    Power and Performance

    Snow, mud, and ice are non-factors for the Suburban's 4x4 capacity. A simple switch activates traction-control and icy-road settings. The SUV's highest mode for 4WD traction is what makes mud and snow easier to handle. Revving under the hood is 355 horsepower that's produced at a static and kinetic rate from a V-8 steel block. The 5.3-liter EcoTec3 is a Suburban standard.

    Cutting-Edge Safety Technology

    The four-wheel antilock disc brakes have a keen relationship with the SUV's Adaptive Cruise Control. A choice of bucket seats includes seven airbags that outnumber the standard six. When you use Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), caution mode will be activated. It operates when the vehicle is going under 50 mph. This AEB is an automated alerting system in Chevrolet autos, and its audibles are given only when dangers arrive.

    Comforts and Amenities

    The Chevy Suburban gets its reputation from its size. With a wheelbase that sits at 130 inches and a length that sits at 224 inches, it is not a huge vehicle, but it isn't quite lean either. In general, the Suburban has the space for fitting an entire family for long trips, and your accessories will have their own place to go. Chevy even took things a bit further with personal storage because there are hidden compartments as well. The truck's cargo space is a total of 121.7 cubic feet.


    Standard Suspension

    This Suburban is a large truck. Its body extends over the rear wheels more than other vehicles of its same size do. Dealing with these dimensions while you're driving in traffic can be difficult. The Suburban lacks an ideal feel at the wheel sometimes. It's a large-bodied truck, so you've got to master special mechanics for turning, parking and changing lanes.

    Not the Best If You're Looking for a Smoother Ride

    A smaller size of this vehicle is still being mastered, and the lower carriage is where some changes could be made. The Suburban is a reliable vehicle, but its suspension doesn't always provide the smoothest ride. However, the 2020 model features an independent rear suspension to improve ride quality and road-holding performance.

    Gas and the Accessories Are Going to Cost

    The average of 14 to 23 miles per gallon for this vehicle will lead you to pay at the pump. The accessories for a vehicle this size also cost a bit more than an average car.

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