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    Nissan 370z Guide

    Get the best online car shopping experience with expert reviews of the Nissan 370z. Read more to learn about the most important features and important factors to consider when researching the Nissan 370z.

    Nissan 370zOverview

    Originally sold on American shores as a Datsun, the Z has offered a special mix of style, performance and value from the get-go. The Nissan 370Z, representing the Z's sixth generation, continues this tradition. The 370Z stands out thanks to its thrilling performance, sculpted styling and surprisingly comfortable cabin. There’s no doubt that the 370Z is one of the most exciting two-seat sports cars around. Discover ins and outs on used Nissan 370Zs, available now in Carvana’s inventory.


    Prime Performance, Handling

    One look at the Nissan 370Z, and there’s no doubt that it’s a sports car through and through. Known as a top performer, the 370Z is an ideal car for driving enthusiasts. With ultra-responsive steering, this vehicle is a natural at powering through corners and maneuvering its way through traffic.

    Upscale Cabin Area

    The interior of the Nissan 370Z evokes a sense of luxury that would be more typically reserved for an expensive sedan. Complete with high-quality materials, the seats offer sporty contours that serve to keep occupants virtually tethered in place during enthusiastic driving. The seats are also comfortable enough to accommodate passengers on long drives.

    Strong V6 Engine

    With the exception of the Nismo model, the 370Z is powered by a robust 3.7-liter V6 engine that cranks out 332 horsepower. While it’s sure to get the adrenaline pumping with its V8-like acceleration, the 370Z is a joy to drive at just about any speed.


    Cargo Space

    Even for a coupe, the Nissan 370Z leaves something to be desired when it comes available cargo space. At 6.9 cubic feet of storage space, the 370Z can fit little more than a single bag of golf clubs. Believe it or not, the convertible offers less cargo capacity, dropping to a scant 4.2 cubic feet.


    Over the past few years, Nissan has taken steps to reduce the engine noise produced by the 370Z by adding Active Noise Control (ANC) and Active Sound Enhancer (ASE) to all models equipped with the Bose audio system. However, road noise still remains an issue, particularly over rougher pavement.

    Rear Visibility

    Don’t like feeling claustrophobic? Then the 370Z might be a vehicle you skip. The bulkhead between the seatbacks and cargo area creates a palpable closed-in feeling, which also serves to restrict rear visibility.

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