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Toyota Scion Guide

Get the best online car shopping experience with expert reviews of the Toyota Scion. Read more to learn about the most important features and important factors to consider when researching the Toyota Scion.


In 2016, Toyota eliminated the Scion brand name that originally launched in 2002. However, the vehicles that bore the name were so revered that the company folded those models into its other Toyota-branded models: the Corolla Hatchback, 86 and Yaris. All this bodes well for any used Scion you may find available since it was never the vehicle quality that got the brand discontinued. Drivers appreciated that Scion designers retooled the reliability and utilitarian features of Toyota's other models into a line of more hip, modern and cutting-edge vehicles. There are four models in the latest Scion line: the FR-S, tC, iA and iM, although you may also find other, older Scion models out there like the xA, xB, xD, and iQ.


Practical Functionality and Convenience

The Toyota Scion iA, the most affordable of Scion vehicles, is a highly functional car with useful, practical features coming standard. These include Bluetooth technology, a backup camera and a 7-inch touch screen. The Toyota Scion tC coupe, which also has these features, is like a liftback with a panoramic sunroof and impressive storage.

Fun to Drive

The sporty Toyota Scion FR-S is built specially for the driving enthusiast. It features a low center of gravity and expert handling for a fun ride above all else.

Plenty of Space

The tC has 34.5 cubic feet of cargo space, which isn't bad for a compact car. The Scion iM hatchback is a larger version of the iA that has more passenger room and 20.8 cubic feet of cargo room.


Underappreciated Brand

Despite all its many virtues, the Scion was a victim of the times, designed for a market that wasn't quite hip to all its appeals. It combined Toyota's old-school utilitarian reputation with funkier, flashier and more fun versions of its most popular models. While it was underappreciated, it's now an advantage for any fun-minded driver who doesn't mind a discontinued model.

Materials' Looks Belie Their Strength

Many of the materials Toyota used in the Scion don't look as high in quality as they actually are. It's a consequence of designing a vehicle for the zeitgeist of a particular time. As such, a Scion exterior may look flashy and ostentatious while the interior seems a tad cheap or gaudy to today's buyer. Then again, many may appreciate the "retro" appeal.

Performance May Be Lacking

Scions boast a sporty look, but what's under the hood is far more practical. Designed more like other Toyotasthat is, for functional reliability like ease of operation and fuel efficiency rather than freewheeling pro performance and handlingthose expecting cars like the iM to drive like they look may be left wanting. The tC similarly looks like it would handle more sportily than it does, despite being outperformed by its rivals.

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