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Jaguar Convertible Guide

Get the best online car shopping experience with expert reviews of the Jaguar Convertible. Read more to learn about the most important features and important factors to consider when researching the Jaguar Convertible.


The Jaguar convertible makes for a worthwhile vehicle for those that have a need for speed. It's carried over everything that makes the manufacturer's past offerings enjoyable while also enhancing aspects of them like the performance or the looks of the recent vehicles. Used Jaguar convertibles do have a fair amount of demand, and its latest convertible model, the F-Type, is no exception.


The Vision Pack

With the vision pack installed, parking the used Jaguar convertible such as the 2017 model is a lot more comfortable to do than without it; front and rear sensors are added to better detect incoming objects while a rearview camera allows a clear view behind the vehicle. The adaptive front lighting system better allows a driver to see what they're driving into depending on the environment they're in.

Anti-Theft Protection

The engine immobilizer prevents anyone wanting to steal the Jaguar convertible from getting away at a large distance. Without the proper keys made for the vehicle in question, the fuel cut-off system kicks in and makes hijacking impossible to do. It's a feature recent models have to combat thieves, and the 2019 Jaguar F-Type is no exception.

Winter Mode

To keep the ride smooth under snow, ice or rain, the winter mode makes the handling a lot easier to work with under those weather conditions than had they not been put in use. When the shift points are altered to go in winter mode, the throttle map is a lot more linear and alters the traction control system. It helps keep the fuel efficiency smooth throughout the ride without needing to slow down on roads like a highway as the 2018 Jaguar F-Type does well.


Lack of Interior Space

Despite having the appeal that a sports car would have along with its competitors, the interior space in a model like the 2017 Jaguar convertible is not as roomy as it could be for some.[4] Not that it needs to house more than two people, but it does feel uncomfortable to adjust to for the tall drivers or passengers. At least the seats can be repositioned, it could follow what other coupes did to make the passengers more comfortable.

Trunk Space Too Small

Another drawback of the used Jaguar F-Type convertible is the trunk space, due to the combined factors of the roof frame needing space when it's retracted and the lack of space in the rest of the trunk in general. Shopping for groceries or larger than normal items will need to compromise if they have larger item quantities to take home.

Performance Lacking

Despite being part of the famous Jaguar brand, the Jaguar F-Type convertible has noticeably lower horsepower than its fellow manufacturer vehicles, such as the XJ and F-PACE. It's more noticeable on used versions of the Jaguar F-Type like the 2015, but even when it's newer, the vehicle could leave a bit more to desire when it comes to its overall speed.