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The origin of the sedan goes back to 1911, when Speedwell motors applied this term to any enclosed passenger car. Since then, this description has come to encompass most vehicle types, including sports cars, wagons, SUVs and, arguably, coupes. However, the primary purpose of the sedan  to carry passengers comfortably  has remained the same. Beyond that, features can vary widely in this vehicle class. It is often a happy medium of space and fuel efficiency for drivers.


Four Doors and Two Rows of Seating

Most sedans are known for their four doors and two rows of seating. The front and back rows may offer middle seating or bucket seats, which means that these cars typically offer seats for four to six passengers. Luxury features like heated, cooled and memory seating may be available, and materials can come in a number of luxury and stain-resistant options.

Variable Traction Options

Some manufacturers, like Suzuki and Subaru, will offer an all-wheel-drive sedan. This kind of car will have additional traction options for those who live in wintry areas or rough terrain. For those who never navigate anything steeper than a sloped driveway, there are plenty of fuel-efficient front-wheel-drive versions of the sedan to choose from.

A Base-to-Luxury Styling Spectrum

Sedans are designed for a variety of drivers, from the family that wants legroom, trunk space and a size to park on a city street, to the college student who needs room to cart a dorm load of stuff, to those who require a low entrance height and comfortable back support. Because of this, different sedans will highlight different features in technology, ease of driving, interior space and comfort. Hand-stitched leather, premium audiovisual systems and in-car Wi-Fi are just some of the optional features that meet these needs.


Low-to-Ground Profile

The low profile of a sedan means that while some good traction options are available, it rarely has a high clearance to navigate off-road obstacles or rutted terrain. This makes the sedan a car that typically gets left in the parking lot near a backpacking trail rather than being parked at the mountaintop campground.

Single-Use Trunk Space

The trunk in a sedan is just that; it does not convert into additional seating or a great place to stash the dog as you might expect in a hatchback, wagon or SUV. Trunks can have liners or convoluted shapes that don't make them ideal for toting anything too dirty.

Rear Visibility

The lower, curved rear windshield and tapering rear windows in a sedan can make visibility tricky when you are looking to back up or park. This is especially complicated with the heads of passengers behind you because of limited ceiling height. However, you can work around this with good mirrors and a backup camera; both come standard in many newer models.

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