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BMW Convertible Guide

Get the best online car shopping experience with expert reviews of the BMW Convertible. Read more to learn about the most important features and important factors to consider when researching the BMW Convertible.


BMW is known for its coupes and sedans. Their lineup over the years is embedded with beauty and elegance. To further enhance its appeal, BMW continues to offer the convertible as a distinct option for those who look for unique customization in their leisure travels around town. On the highway, the wind rush is evident with the top down, and the exposure to sunlight makes the convertible a happy and sporty experience. The BMW brand has international notoriety, and with the addition of the "drop top," the combination of the two is unmatched.



The convertible BMW had a more solid convertible top than in past models. Still, now, BMW introduces the top with the design of softer material. The more delicate top adds less weight to the car. This characteristic provides the driver with better handling and control, which are more noticeable during high-speed travel.

Cargo Space

With a convertible, there is an instant increase in available cargo space, which is a distinct advantage over the hard-roof coupes and sedans. Convertibles will typically have smaller rear passenger seating and cargo space. With the soft top down, items can always be strategically placed to build up or to safely add larger items that may not fit in the traditionally designed car.


With the convertible option, a BMW will have no headroom limitations. It is simple: Drop the top, and you will not feel the hovering associated with those who are claustrophobic. Therefore, all occupants will feel free as they enjoy their passenger experience.



BMW convertibles have many safety features. The cabin has standard items such as front and side air bags, shoulder harnesses and more. What is critical is the exposure of the occupant's body when the top is down. If the car rolls, there are few, if any, protective measures to guard against serious injury. Due to the injury concerns, it is imperative to account for higher insurance premiums due to insurance companies offsetting the additional risk of the convertible.


Although the luxurious BMV convertible is aesthetically pleasing, there are maintenance costs associated with the soft roof. The cost of general maintenance for a BMW is on the higher end, and the soft roof adds to this cost. Sometimes, the fabric of the roof may endure imperfections that need to be patched. The motor that activates the soft roof that either raises or lowers the top is susceptible to breakdowns, just like any other part.

Weather Concerns

In those climates where the weather is extremely hot or cold, the convertible top may not meet expectations. Mitigating temperatures will be a challenge, especially when the top is in the upright position. In those areas that experience high rain, a driver may run into unexpected precipitation. If so, the entire cabin is exposed, which can lead to premature wear in some areas.