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    BMW 3 Series 328I Guide

    Get the best online car shopping experience with expert reviews of the BMW 3 Series 328I. Read more to learn about the most important features and important factors to consider when researching the BMW 3 Series 328I.

    BMW 3 SERIES 328IOverview

    Ever since its origin in 2007, the BMW 3 Series 328I has continued its evolution as a top compact luxury sedan. Introduced as an affordable sedan behind the strength of the BMW brand, it not only solidified itself as a leader in the compact luxury class but also maintained its popularity as a 3 Series BMW centerpiece. Since its inception, each subsequent 3 Series model year includes updates to make the BMW 328i relevant through its elegance, sportiness and power. Such is the case with the sixth generation BMW 3 Series, which made its debut in May 2015.


    Engine and Performance

    The 2016 BMW 328i includes a more powerful four-cylinder engine compared to years past. The latest engine propels the rear-wheel-drive luxury sedan to an impressive 24 city and 36 highway mpg. The four-cylinder engine produces around 240 horsepower and 255 pound-feet of torque, which is plenty of power compared to cars in its class. The 2019 328i sustains up to 26 city and 36 highway mpg. Additionally, the sixth generation BMW 3 Series offers engineered electric power steering to safely handle the performance of the rear-wheel drive.


    When the windshield wipers are activated, the 2016 328i activates the stability control system to keep the rotors dry by allowing the brake pads to snug the rotors when the driver eases the foot off of the accelerator. Additionally, BMW Assist emergency communications include its standard features such as crash notification, vehicle location assistance and instant crash notifications. The cabin of the sedan remains consistent with the brand's design cues, but it is updated with the latest model year's technology.


    The BMW 3 Series offers an 8.8-inch screen for a real high-end electronics interface. The car includes iDrive capabilities which include an easy to use menu with accessible touch commands. The touch pad located on top of the iDrive's controller allows for available handwritten inputs with the control of a finger.



    While enjoying your drives around town and during leisure long-distance travel, speed and quickness may not meet expectations by accelerating from zero to 60-mph in 7.3 seconds, according to Edmunds. Although this is a luxury sedan, some drivers look for a burst in speed that is closer to the acceleration of its sportier counterparts.

    Start-Stop Capability

    The automatic engine stop-start function may not meet expectations. Although designed to improve fuel efficiency and to reduce idle time, it has not proven to outperform the average standards set by other vehicles in its class. However, there is some productivity in this feature. BMW includes the technology to allow the driver to shut the system off as frequently as deemed necessary.


    The steering of the BMW 3 Series is beautifully designed for the driver to stay in control. However, the steering is stern and, although precise, does not deliver the unique, special feeling some BMW enthusiasts enjoy in other models of the car. Additionally, the variable-ratio steering option is not consistent with the responses anticipated by the driver inputs.