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2016 Toyota Prius Guide

Get the best online car shopping experience with expert reviews of the 2016 Toyota Prius. Read more to learn about the most important features and important factors to consider when researching the 2016 Toyota Prius.

Overview2016 TOYOTA PRIUS

The Toyota Prius was one of the first mass-produced hybrid models, hitting the market for its maiden debut in 1997. Toyota continues to change the car, upgrading it along the way from a subcompact vehicle to a midsize car as it was in 2016. The 2016 Prius showed that a hybrid car could make its way into the mainstream as it was the 12th consecutive year that Toyota sold over 100,000 of this model. Learn more about the details of a used 2016 Toyota Prius.


Fuel Economy

The Prius has always been the gold standard of hybrid vehicles, and it remains the same when it comes to gas mileage. You will get in excess of 50 miles per gallon with the Prius, which will certainly help you when gas prices spike. For highway driving, you will get 54 mpg in the 2016 Prius.


There are very few hybrid or electric cars that are priced as low as the Prius. You can get a used Prius without breaking the bank as they are competitively priced in the resale market. Since there have been so many Prius models sold since the vehicle's introduction, you will likely have an easy time finding the 2016 Prius available. Another positive is that there are many different options because the car has a two-decade history, allowing you to choose between multiple price points.

Infotainment System

Toyota began incorporating infotainment into the Prius many years ago and has had time to perfect the technology. For a less expensive car, the Prius has an impressive array of technology. CarPlay and Amazon Alexa are standard in the 2016 Prius, and drivers find the Prius's infotainment system easier to use than those found in other cars in the class. For 2016, Toyota even upgraded the infotainment system.


Engine Power

Acceleration in the Toyota Prius may fall below drivers' expectations. The 2016 Prius does have a 121-horsepower engine, but the zero to 60 time is right around 10 seconds, which is slower than other cars in the hybrid/electric space. Still, the Prius has enough engine power to help you when it is time to accelerate to merge or change lanes.


The car cabin is functional and works well, but drivers report wanting a little more. The external design is also basic and less upscale than other hybrid vehicles. Some owners are not inspired by a design that is more no-frills. However, the Prius is a reliable standby, and drivers know what they are getting when they purchase one.

All-Wheel Drive

Despite rumors that all-wheel drive would be introduced for 2016, there are no available models with an all-wheel drive, meaning that drivers may have difficulty either going off-road or operating the vehicle in inclement weather. Toyota did not add all-wheel drive until the year after, so 2016 Prius models do not have it.

2016 Toyota Prius Reviews

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