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When you prefer or need something bigger to either get you around safely or to transport things with you, trucks may be a good option for you. Trucks have all the advantages of bigger vehicles when it comes to criteria like safety, and they meet your need for a roomier utility vehicle. On the flip side, fuel efficiency may not be great.


Better in Bad Weather

When you are driving in a larger truck, you have more ability to deal with the road conditions when the weather takes a turn for the worse. A truck will generally come equipped with four-wheel drive that enables it to handle difficult road conditions. In addition, the size of the truck will make it more stable on a slippery road.


Trucks will generally score higher than other vehicles in private and government safety ratings. The larger size of the truck will generally make it safer for the occupants of the vehicle, especially in the event of a front crash. In addition, many trucks come standard with advanced safety equipment. For example, even the mid-class Ford Ranger comes loaded with safety features such as lane-keeping assist and four-wheel disk brakes. More advanced trucks in the class have even more safety features.


One of the foremost benefits of a truck is that it can haul loads and cargo while an average car will have little space for any kind of cargo. Trucks can also tow things such as boats or other vehicles that you cannot easily move with a car. A truck will give you the versatility behind the wheel to accommodate your lifestyle or your job and to transport many different things.


Fuel Economy

While there are a few hybrid trucks, in general, trucks will not get the same fuel efficiency as other vehicles due to their larger size. Further, loading a truck with cargo will further depress its fuel efficiency. Nearly all vehicles in the class get a combined mileage of under 20 mpg.


Being at a higher vantage point than many other cars on the road, it may be difficult to get a full view of blind spots and see out the rearview mirror. Some trucks are built with visibility in mind; however, things such as roof panels could limit your view. Some newer trucks have electronic blind-spot detection systems that can help you see, but the angle of the truck may make it difficult to get a good general view.


When you are looking for parking on the city streets, trucks may not be the best bet for being able to fit into tight spots. The size of the truck makes it difficult to maneuver in city settings where space is at a premium.

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