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Cadillac ATS Guide

Get the best online car shopping experience with expert reviews of the Cadillac ATS. Read more to learn about the most important features and important factors to consider when researching the Cadillac ATS.

OverviewCadillac ATS

A recent addition to the Cadillac lineup, the ATS boasts up-to-date styling, a well-equipped interior and an engaging driving feel that allow it to compete strongly with its rivals. Smaller and less expensive than Cadillac's CTS, the ATS aims right at the heart of German-engineered titans like the Audi A4 and BMW 3 Series that dominate this market of sport sedans. Discover the ins and outs on used Cadillac ATSs, available now in Carvana's inventory.


Excellent Handling

Getting behind the wheel of a Cadillac manufactured automobile offers up a driving experience you won't soon forget. The ATS is yet another example of the quality of the Cadillac brand, as it provides composed handling, precision steering, and a smooth, comfortable ride that suits its luxury sport sedan label.

Impressive Interior Design

Similar to the way the ATS drives, the vehicle's interior also reflects the luxury reputation of the Cadillac brand. Inside the ATS, passengers will find a wide array of high-quality materials that make up the cabin area, highlighted by classy wood and metallic touches.

Sporty Driving Characteristics

Whether the ATS is equipped with the optional 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, or the 3.6-liter V6, there is no doubt that this vehicle is fun to drive. With its sport-tuned suspension and quick acceleration, the ATS is a kick as you carve up twisting roads and open it up on the highway.


Backseat And Trunk Space

Unfortunately, unlike the space for passengers upfront, the ATS isn't as accommodating for those sitting in back. In fact, the ATS actually has a smaller backseat than most other vehicles in its segment, as headroom, shoulder room, and legroom noticeably lacks. Furthermore, trunk space is also rather restricted, as the ATS only offers 10.4 cubic feet of cargo capacity.

Base Engine

Though the ATS has been lauded for the quality of its optional engine choices, its base engine doesn't quite live up to the hype. Equipped with a standard 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 202 horsepower, this version of the ATS pales in comparison to the 272 horsepower generated by the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine and the 333 horsepower generated by the 3.6-liter V6.

Infotainment Interface

While it does come optional, it's worth noting that the CUE (Cadillac User Experience) infotainment system can be somewhat frustrating to use. In particular, items such as the slide bar for volume adjustment can lack responsiveness compared to simpler, more traditional knobs and controls.

Cadillac ATS Reviews

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