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Ford Taurus Guide

Get the best online car shopping experience with expert reviews of the Ford Taurus. Read more to learn about the most important features and important factors to consider when researching the Ford Taurus.


The 2019 Ford Taurus is a 4-door sedan. The car is in its sixth generation since the initial release of the Taurus in 1986. Since then, it has undergone an exterior design change and added phone integration. With the Taurus being around for over three decades, it has had time to evolve. Have these changes been worth the effort?


Design and Technology

If you're wondering if you can use a mobile device hands-free, you'll be happy to know that your phone can be integrated with the Taurus via Ford's Sync 3. The Sync 3 connects via Bluetooth for both Apple and Android users and allows you to utilize things like audio, navigation, and voice control. This vehicle's use of technology shows that the Taurus can still keep up with the times a decade later. Its exterior design hasn't seen much change since the 2016 model but it's a modern yet classic design that isn't necessarily in need of an update.

Cutting-Edge Safety Technology

One of the safety features available on the 2019 Ford Taurus is the all-wheel-drive for better traction during wet weather. The Taurus also offers Active Park Assist which automatically parallel parks the car for you. This model gives you a warning if a front collision is about to occur and automatically applies the brakes to help avoid it. It also notifies you if a car is in your blind spot when your turn signal is on. These safety features can ultimately help you be a safer driver and possibly help lower your insurance rates.

Satisfying Driving Characteristics

Behind the wheel of the Ford Taurus, you will notice that the interior feels pretty cozy and the cabin is fairly quiet. This midsize sedan also gives you a smooth ride to make both long and short trips a bit more comfortable. The Ford Taurus has a very large trunk with ample space that allows you to transport lots of things at once. This is ideal for someone that frequently needs to carry equipment with them for their work.


Limited Cabin Space

Although the 2019 Ford Taurus may be cozy to some, it may feel a bit cramped inside to others. With its large center console, small windows, and thick pillars, some may feel that the car is not open enough for comfort. It may also be particularly annoying for drivers that are fairly tall. This sedan could be your match if you prefer a smooth ride and quiet cabin but it may miss the mark if you want a vehicle with more space.

Last Model Year

The 2019 Ford Taurus is a worthy car and could be the right choice for you. The 2019 model, however, marks the end of an era as Ford has decided to discontinue the Taurus model as a whole. Although this model will not be returning, the 2019 Ford Taurus is still a viable competitor among other 4-door sedans.

Climate Control

The overall aesthetic of the controls for the air conditioning is very basic and in need of a more up-to-date design. Due to the awkward placement of the driver's vents, airflow is partially blocked by the steering wheel. The vents placed in the rear of the cabin can't be controlled independently and can be noisy when closed.

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