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Volkswagen Jetta Guide

Get the best online car shopping experience with expert reviews of the Volkswagen Jetta. Read more to learn about the most important features and important factors to consider when researching the Volkswagen Jetta.

OverviewVolkswagen Jetta

Few small cars have the loyal fan base of the Volkswagen Jetta, one of the automaker's best-selling models in the United States. For much of its history, the Jetta appealed to buyers with its upscale design, refined cabin and strong engine options. Essentially, it bridged the gap between everyday compact economy cars and entry-level premium brand compact sedans, a niche almost unto itself. Discover the ins and outs on used Volkswagen Jettas, available now in Carvana's inventory.


Spacious Interior

The Jetta's interior cabin area has been regarded as airy and spacious, and serves as one of its most endearing qualities. In particular, the backseat provides plenty of room for passengers to stretch out and get comfortable, outmeasuring virtually all other compact hatchback or sedans in its class.

Generous Trunk Space

Not only does the Jetta's cabin area offer generous amounts of space for occupants, but the trunk space available also makes it one of the most accommodating cars in its segment. In fact, with 15.7 cubic feet of trunk space available, the Jetta resides as a standout amongst similarly sized vehicles.

Impressive Fuel Economy

There are a number of trims available on the Jetta that will provide you with satisfying fuel economy. The Jetta base and S trims get an EPA-estimated 26 mpg combined on the automatic transmission, and 28 mpg combined with the five-speed manual transmission. On the SE and SEL packages, the Jetta hovers around 30 mpg combined, while the TDI delivers 36 mpg combined. Lastly, the Jetta Hybrid returns an impressive 45 mpg combined.


Base Engine

Outfitted with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, the Jetta churns out a meager 115 horsepower. For the money, you're much better off upgrading to the SE package that not only offers more power, but better overall fuel economy.

Infotainment System

Volkswagen's Jetta has never had a reputation for being a standout when it comes to available tech features, but that doesn't mean that potential owners of one shouldn't expect a bit more. In this instance, the optional touchscreen interface appears and operates like an outdated piece of technology.

Steering, Handling

Some versions of the Jetta come equipped with sport-tuned suspension, but even then, feedback has indicated that it doesn't offer much of a boost over the standard equipped Jetta. The vehicle's steering capabilities aren't particularly precise, and the way it handles through corners is simply adequate.
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