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    Subaru Ascent Guide

    Get the best online car shopping experience with expert reviews of the Subaru Ascent. Read more to learn about the most important features and important factors to consider when researching the Subaru Ascent.


    When it comes to safety that's united with useful and practical features, Subaru tends to outshine all competitors. The Ascent toes the line with an alert that reminds you to take a peek in the back seat before exiting the vehicle. This family-friendly SUV features a just-right size and a zippy 4-cylinder engine that provides good fuel economy at 23 miles per gallon combined city and highway. Subaru is offering value with the Ascent by including plenty of standard features that range from advanced safety systems to added occupant comfort.


    Lots of Standard Features

    The base Ascent comes with features like Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, which is great if you live in a place that gets adverse weather. It also includes three-zone climate control, a feature that decreases passenger complaints, and hill-descent control. This system gives you more confidence behind the wheel. Subaru made the rear-seat-alert system standard, too, so you'll appreciate the added safety that this provides.

    Luxurious Interior Materials

    Entering the vehicle, you'll notice that the materials look  and feel  high-end. Regular cloth seats are standard, but if you go with a higher trim level, you can get spill-repellent cloth. Leather is an available option. Seat heaters are another amenity that you can add to your SUV. Also, the third row is easy to reach due to doors that open wide and a lower step-in height than other vehicles in this class have.

    Useful Technology

    Subaru equipped the 2020 Ascent with a user-friendly and responsive infotainment system that you can connect to your smartphone. The vehicle features numerous USB ports, so there's one for everyone. There are also advanced safety features like adaptive cruise control. It lets you enjoy a long drive without constantly managing your cruise-control system. Reverse automatic braking and blind-spot detection make the vehicle safer.


    Not as Roomy

    While the Ascent does offer added seating with a third row, this area of the vehicle is geared more toward kids than adults. Taller people are likely to feel a bit squished in the very back. The second row is definitely roomier, but the vehicle lacks shoulder room here, too.

    On the Noisy Side

    The carmaker didn't do as well insulating the interior of the Ascent against road noise. Starting out, you may notice a low hum, one that turns into a soft roar as the RPMs start to climb. This isn't a huge issue, but some of the SUV's competitors are quieter. You may also hear tire noise when driving over roads that are not as smooth as they could be.

    Could Use Tweaking on the Suspension

    The Ascent's interior seating is supportive, inviting, and comfortable. However, driving over potholes and road cracks will likely draw your attention. The Ascent's overall ride comfort could be better as it doesn't have that floaty feel that some luxury vehicles offer.

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