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    Mazda MAZDA3 Guide

    Get the best online car shopping experience with expert reviews of the Mazda MAZDA3. Read more to learn about the most important features and important factors to consider when researching the Mazda MAZDA3.

    MAZDA MAZDA3Overview

    The Mazda comes in two body styles, either the sedan or hatchback. The Mazda3 introduces itself as a versatile automobile and has an attractively designed interior for today's fourth-generation production. Today's Mazda3 has the optional package of the all-wheel-drive (AWD) that provides extra traction, driving control, and maneuverability that will enhance the driving experience during extreme weather such as snow, rain storms, mud and slush. Additionally, today's Mazda3 still has the foundation of both the Mazda 323 and the Mazda Protégé' but does have its own uniqueness.



    The 2015 Mazda 3s offers a six-speed manual transmission that is powered by a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 184 hp and 185 pound-foot of torque. The six-speed automatic gets 28 city and 39 highway mpg, respectively, in either the sedan or hatchback. In comparison, the six-speed manual transmission offers 25 city and 37 highway mpg for the sedan and 26 city and 35 mpg for the hatchback. The 2015 Mazda 3i offers a 2-liter four-cylinder engine that gets 155 horsepower and 150 pound-feet of torque that is impressive for a front-wheel-drive that is guided by either the six-speed manual transmission or an optional six-speed automatic transmission.


    The 2019 Mazda3 offers a plethora of standard and optional technological features that includes an 8.8-inch infotainment screen, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, forward collision warning, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, a blind-spot monitor with rear cross-traffic alert, automatic emergency braking and a driver attention monitor. It also offers recognition systems, navigation assistance, smartphone voice controls, and a single-knob controller, all designed to minimize quick adjustments while driving while enhancing the occupant's travel experience.

    Acceleration and Stopping

    The 2014 Mazda3 has quick acceleration as it can go from 0 to 60 mph in 7 seconds. It can safely go from 60 to 0 mph at a stopping distance of 120 feet. The tests included 16-inch wheels with all-season tires.


    Touchscreen Functionality

    The 8.8-inch infotainment screen has limited functionality in the 2019 Mazda3. The lack of volume control buttons and other knobs may restrict the ability of ease in being able to fully enjoy the many features in which the system contains. Further, the system has its limitations, but it will allow many to enjoy the embedded features.

    Rear Legroom and Cargo Space

    In the 2020 Mazda, rear spacing may not provide as much legroom for rear seating passengers, based on average-size adults. Additionally, the cargo space may be best utilized by loading smaller cargo organized in a "stack" fashion due to limited cargo capacity. The 2017 Mazda3 offers 12.4-cubic-foot trunk space while the rear seats are up and when folded flat, the capacity expands to 20.2 cubic feet.


    The utility features in the 2018 Mazda3 are limited in their usage. Features such as easy-to-find Latch Points and small-item storage options may not provide the ease of usage that makes a difference, such as with safe travel of the smaller occupants, like newborns and infants.

    Mazda MAZDA3 Reviews

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