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Get the best online car shopping experience with expert reviews of the INFINITI Q60. Read more to learn about the most important features and important factors to consider when researching the INFINITI Q60.

OverviewINFINITI Q60

Infiniti made some great strides with its 2017 Q60 model, especially when you consider how competitive the small luxury car class really is. The Q60 is a bit of a rarity: it's a luxury coupe with a roomy back seat and ample cargo area. Infiniti's vehicles are quite impressive at first sight, thanks to their bold designs and top-quality finishes. The Q60 is no exception to the rule, and the driver's seat really is a great place to be. Read on to find out about the Q60's standard features and available upgrades.


Sporty Styling and Ample Cargo Room

The Infiniti Q60 has roughly 12.1 cubic feet of cargo area in its trunk, and its back seat can comfortably accommodate two average-size passengers. Unless you are as tall as an NBA player, you will find both the front and back seats quite comfortable. Despite the fact that it is considered a small car, it still offers a surprising level of versatility for a coupe.

Adaptive Steering

The 2017 Q60's digital steering technology allows the vehicle to perform stabilizations and adjustments based on current road conditions. The wheel digitally controls the car's front wheels, so you will feel fewer bumps when driving. These advancements allow for quicker and smoother steering, which serve to further enhance the Q60's sporty feel.

Selectable Drive Modes

The Infiniti Q60 provides a customized driving experience with several drive modes including Sport+, Sport, Eco, and Snow. Various engine, steering, and suspension modifications allow for further customization. With these modes, you can set your Q60 up to corner, handle, and accelerate your way.


Fuel Economy

The 2017 Q60's base engine comes with a fuel efficiency rating of just 22mpg city/30mpg hwy. If you are in the market for a highly efficient commuter car, you might find a better option somewhere else. Fortunately, choosing a Q60 with a more powerful engine doesn't bring much of a fuel economy loss.

Top-Trim Performance

Though the Infiniti Q60 Red Sport is billed as the high performance' version, it can't rightly be called a super coupe or be put in the same class as some very well-known European offerings. Why? Simply put, the engine makes bold promises that the Q60's running gear just can't fulfill. Its handling and steering are quite good, but its tires and brakes aren't on the same level.

Steering Quality

Of all the upgrades available on the Q60, the direct adaptive steering setup may be the most lackluster. To some drivers, the unusual responses and artificial feel aren't exactly indicative of a high-performance coupe, while the claimed reduction in kickback and vibration over rough roads isn't enough to justify the system's additional cost.

INFINITI Q60 Reviews

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