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    Hyundai Kona Guide

    Get the best online car shopping experience with expert reviews of the Hyundai Kona. Read more to learn about the most important features and important factors to consider when researching the Hyundai Kona.

    HYUNDAI KONAOverview

    Drivers who want an affordable and sporty SUV should consider the Hyundai Kona with its appealing design. The Hyundai Kona is a subcompact SUV that will get you around in style without breaking the bank. The car is available in five different trim levels, and there is an electric version available as well. The car comes with many different technology features that provide drivers with an advanced, smooth ride.



    For a small SUV, the Hyundai Kona's engine certainly packs a punch; the standard engine gives the car a considerable 147 horsepower with its 2-liter engine. The Limited Edition offers a turbocharged engine that allows for quick acceleration. The turbocharged engine increases the horsepower up to 175 and gives drivers an additional element of power.

    Safety Features

    The Kona has numerous safety features that protect drivers, including standard automated emergency braking and a lane-keeping alert in each model. The Kona also has electronic stability control and a driver attention warning to rouse drowsy drivers. The Kona has an overall five-star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, making it one of the highest-rated SUVs in its class.

    Smooth Ride

    The Hyundai Kona's suspension allows it to handle many different types of road surfacesyou will not feel the bumps of the road as much as you would in other cars because the Kona provides a smooth ride. The ride you get in the cabin will keep the imperfections of the road from impacting your trip.



    The Hyundai Kona handles well on the highways and even on most city streets, but the car hesitates in slower traffic and even in parking lots. This is because the transmission may be unpredictable when driving at a low speed. The problem tends to be the most pronounced when the car is traveling below 5 miles per hour; the car will engage and disengage in first gear until the driver gives it additional throttle.

    Spatial Constraints

    You should not expect ample room in the back seat of the Hyundai Kona. While that is to be expected since this is a subcompact SUV, the amount of legroom for passengers in the rear is low even by these standards. The rear has 34.6 inches of legroom, making it difficult for anyone who is taller than average to ride in the back of the Hyundai Kona. The cargo room is also below average, even for a subcompact SUV.


    While the car handles well over many different surfaces, including the highway, the steering does not adequately control the car when traveling straight over a long distance. Drivers will have to frequently correct the steering in order to stay in a straight line.

    Hyundai Kona Reviews

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