Cadillac Buying Guide

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Cadillac Overview

Cadillac has long been the crown jewel of parent company General Motors, known for producing some of the world’s most sophisticated, luxurious, and stylish vehicles. Named for the founder of Detroit, the automaker lost much of its luster during the 1980s and 1990s when upstarts such as Lexus came onto the scene. But in recent years, Cadillac has enjoyed a return to form. It now offers a wide range of models, from rear-drive sport sedans to three-row SUVs, featuring cutting-edge design and technology, while its high-performance V-Series cars rival established benchmarks such as the BMW M3.

Noteworthy Features

All-Wheel Drive
The Cadillac XT6 has an all-wheel-drive that provides superior traction, as all four wheels propel the vehicle forward. Even if one or two of the wheels lose traction because of slippery mud, snow, or icy surfaces, you continue to drive. Handling and performance are additional advantages of all-wheel drive  the car achieves faster acceleration on dry surfaces. With the front wheels more devoted to gaining sideway traction than forwarding traction, there is an improvement in the steering.

Seating for Six to Seven
The new crossover Cadillac XT6 features three rows of seating, and there is seven-passenger seating capacity with the use of the second-row bench seat. Another option is six-passenger seating that has a second row of captain's chairs. The breakdown of occupancy is the driver and passenger in the first row, three passengers using a bench seat or two passengers using captain's chairs in the second, and two passengers using captain's chairs in the third row.

Well-Managed Cargo Space
The interior, which offers excellent cargo space, is not short on luxury. A pass-through provides a large shelf for sizable items. There are plenty of cupholders for each row, and the door pockets hold water bottles. The third row folds down to provide a large cargo area, and it is easy to slip a phone in and out of the charging pocket.

Additional Considerations

No Turbocharger
On the low side is the fact there is no turbocharging. The XT6 is only available with an aspirated 3.6-liter V-6 having 310 hp and 271 lb.-ft. torque. Because the XT6 is a relatively new product, consumers should remain patient and give General Motors some time to develop variants of the V-Series. The XT5 2020 version has a 2.0-liter engine that has 237 hp and 258 lb.-ft. torque.

Limited Performance Upgrades
Although there are have been upgrades with the two trims available, the performance upgrades feel lackluster. There are two trims available: Sport and Premium Luxury. The Sport offers some cosmetic and performance differences, but the vehicle doesn't provide extra power.

All-Wheel Drive Disadvantages
Since the Cadillac is an all-wheel drive, power gets sent to all four wheels simultaneously, causing a drop-off in fuel efficiency. Another disadvantage to having an all-wheel drive is the cost, making these vehicles more expensive than two-wheel drives. While this Cadillac does provide off-road capabilities, the all-wheel feature could make the driver more secure, resulting in more dangerous driving conditions.