Volvo Buying Guide

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Volvo Overview

Volvo is a Swedish automaker with a long history of focusing on safety, dating back to its 1927 founding. The company, now a subsidiary of Chinese conglomerate Geely, has pioneered numerous safety features through the years, including three-point seatbelts and automatic collision-avoidance braking. Once known for its boxy sedans and wagons, Volvo has shifted its focus primarily to luxury SUVs in the last decade. It now sells a full range of them, from the compact XC40 to the three-row XC90, in addition to sedans and wagons. Many of Volvo’s more recent models are offered with hybrid or all-electric powertrains.

Noteworthy Features

Interior Styling and Options
The interior design of Volvos is one of the main reasons why drivers choose it as their favorite. Regardless of the Volvo model that you choose, they are designed with ergonomic seats and excellent rear legroom. The interior uses a Scandinavian minimalist approach to design that is elegant and keeps everything in reach.

Advanced Technology
Volvos features an impressive technology package that includes Pilot Assist and a 9-inch Sensus touch screen. Volvo Sensus offers Bluetooth connectivity for tablets and mobile phones. You can stream your favorite music and connect to the internet. It can also connect to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You can turn your Volvo into a Wi-Fi hot spot as well as enjoy its premium stereo system.

Performance is another reason why Volvo drivers enjoy their vehicles. The XC90 offers all-wheel-drive that is ready for any weather. If you want a more efficient sedan, you can choose the 4-cylinder, direct-injected turbocharged 2.0-liter engine. If you want a bit more power, you could choose the T8 twin engine that gets up to 400 HP. Volvo also has several all-electric choices available.

Additional Considerations

Rougher Ride
Volvos are a luxury class, which means that drivers expect a smooth ride. However, many have found that Volvo does not live up to its luxury style in terms of the smoothness of its ride. Some consider it a bit stiff, and it creates a bit more engine noise than expected. The optional air suspension helps ease the roughness of the ride a bit.

Touch Screen User Experience
The touch screen offers to keep everything at your fingertips, but it has been found to be a bit difficult to operate. It has a layout that is based on the iPad, which means that Android users might be a bit confused. The technology has a bit of a learning curve, especially for those who are not experienced iPhone or iPad users. It has also been criticized for overriding entertainment when the vehicle monitoring systems have a message that might or might not be considered important at the time.

Volvo built its reputation on reliability and safety. However, they have been criticized for a rather boxy design, which can make it a bit difficult to handle in windy conditions. It has also been criticized for being a bit unresponsive on startup. The car has been criticized for a bit of lag, but it was not meant to be a sports car. Volvo drivers want quality and safety and are not necessarily concerned about speed.