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    Jeep Cherokee Guide

    Get the best online car shopping experience with expert reviews of the Jeep Cherokee. Read more to learn about the most important features and important factors to consider when researching the Jeep Cherokee.

    Jeep CherokeeOverview

    Today's Cherokee is a true compact crossover that shares its platform with the front-wheel-drive Dodge Dart sedan, departing from the rear-wheel-drive tradition established by the original Cherokee and upheld by the Liberty. The Cherokee's aerodynamic shape, feature-rich interior and carlike driving dynamics speak soothingly to today's pavement-biased shoppers. Looking for the information you need to know before making your next vehicle purchase? Understand the pros and cons on used Jeep Cherokees, available now in Carvana’s inventory.


    Impressive Off-Road Capability

    When it comes to blending real-world usability and capable off-road performance, the Jeep Cherokee is a standout amongst competitors in the small SUV segment. Specifically, the Cherokee Trailhawk trim level is equipped with low-range gearing and special equipment like a rocking differential that allows the vehicle to go much farther off-road than your typical all-wheel-drive crossover. Additionally, the Trailhawk trim level features a Selec-Terrain dial which allows the driver to toggle between Auto, Snow, Sport, and Sand/Mud to deliver optimal traction depending on conditions.

    Smooth, Quiet Ride

    The V6 version of the Cherokee offers a relaxed and refined ride that’s not available in any other four-cylinder SUVs. The Cherokee is especially quiet at highway speeds, and when traversing rugged roads, it’s about as smooth and comfortable a ride as you’ll get in this class.

    Spacious Seating

    When sitting in the Cherokee, it’s easy to make yourself at home in the available power driver seat, which offers wide-ranging adjustability. In the back, rear seating allows back and forth adjustment, while the high-mounted bench seating supports adults’ thighs without pushing their heads against the roof of the vehicle. According to Edmunds, “This is one of the better backseats in the compact crossover class.”


    Four-Cylinder Engine

    Despite having a four-cylinder engine that has as much horsepower as most rivals’ base engines, the Cherokee is heavier compared to competitors in its class, making the engine feel lethargic when accelerating up to highway speeds.

    Engine Noise

    In addition to the four-cylinder engine being a bit sluggish when accelerating up to highways speeds, the engine also produces more noise compared to other rivals. Fortunately the Cherokee receives impressive marks for cancelling out noise, but the sound is still audible when on the open road.

    Cargo Capacity

    While the Cherokee’s passengers have plenty of room to relax and get comfortable, the cargo capacity inside the vehicle pales in comparison when measured against the offerings of other vehicles in its segment. Behind the second row seating is only 24.6 cubic feet of storage space, and 54.9 when the rear seats are folded. Both figures are roughly 10-15 fewer cubic feet than what most other compact crossover SUVs offer.

    Jeep Cherokee Reviews

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