Chrysler Buying Guide

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Chrysler Overview

Chrysler has a storied history as an American automaker, starting with its 1925 founding by pioneering industrialist Walter P. Chrysler. While it thrived through much of the 20th century, the company only survived more recent decades via mergers and reorganizations. As a result, its once wide range of models has dwindled to just a handful, among them the full-size 300 sedan and the class-leading Pacifica minivan. Chrysler is now one of a number of brands under the umbrella of Stellantis, a conglomerate that also includes Dodge, Jeep, Fiat, and Maserati.

Noteworthy Features

A Luxury Sedan for Everyone
With the Chrysler 300, Chrysler achieved its long-time goal to produce a driving dynamic with a solid feel in a comfortable yet powerful passenger vehicle. The 300 is known for being larger than your average sedan, with rear seats as roomy as the ones up front. Rear-wheel drive helps fuel the 300's reputation for stupendous handling. The 300 also spawned many novel and appealing trim options like the 300S with a suspension tuned for performance, smoky headlamps and blackened wheels, with the 300C and Limited 300 sporting chrome and a more distinguished demeanor.

The Crown Jewel of Minivans
Car and Driver named the Chrysler Pacifica Minivan, formerly the Town & Country, the crown jewel of Chrysler's vehicles, the best minivan currently available and one of the 10 best trucks and SUVs of the past three years running. The Pacifica is noted for its versatile interior, with flexible space for passengers and cargo alike, and its impressive fuel economy. A hybrid option makes this already versatile SUV alternative even more so.

It's Back!
The Chrysler Voyager is not an entirely new model for Chrysler, though it hasn't been in production since 2003. The 2020 revival of this former Plymouth-branded minivan serves as replacement for the Pacifica base and fleet trims. In other words, the Voyager is the new scaled-down Pacifica, giving those with big needs a way to meet them without all the extra trimmings. It features a standard V6 engine for solid performance, offers excellent visibility on all sides, and provides a third row of seats that can be easily removed to create extra storage space.

Additional Considerations

Trust Issues
Fiat Chrysler vehicles are known to have issues with reliability, and Chrysler products are no exception.

Fading Glory
While the Pacifica seems only to be hitting its stride, the 300 seems to have seen its prime come and go. Chrysler keeps updating its sole remaining sedan model each year to keep it interesting and relevant, although evidently not its interior styling so much. Unquestionably still a solid ride that handles and performs great, it's certainly not without its share of worthy  and fresher  competitors.

Middle-of-the-Road Performance and Handling Issues
Chrysler vehicles handle and perform well, in the average range, just not necessarily as well as other vehicles in their respective class.