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This guy is about to attack your wallet!

When buying from a dealership, you are unwittingly financing the imprisonment of inflatable balloon animals.

Skip the dealership. Save the balloon animals.

Dealerships cost you money.

($1,500-$2,000 every time you purchase a car, to be exact)


When you buy from a dealership, here’s what you’re also paying for.

Dealership Overhead
Real estate, rent, sales staff, balloon animals, etc.
Extra (Hidden) Fees
Dealer fee, documentation fee, administration fee, etc.


We replaced the dealership with technology, eliminating the $1,500-$2,000 in extra cost to you. What do you get instead?

Free Delivery
or pick up from our car vending machine
7-Day Test Drive
No-questions-asked return policy
Thousands in Savings
vs. Kelley Blue Book's Suggested Retail Price

Don't move a muscle.

Our Carvana car hauler will bring your new wheels to you.

Prefer pickup?

Pick up at the nation's first car vending machine.

Currently serving: Atlanta

7-day test drive. No-questions-asked return policy.

It takes more than a typical 10-minute test drive to make a $20,000 decision.

Lifestyle Test Drive

Take the time to make sure your purchase works with the things most important to you. A few examples:


Don't like it after all?

We'll take it back, no questions asked. Swap for another vehicle or we'll give you cash back.

7-day guarantee
guarantee label
  • No questions asked
  • No restocking fee
  • No obligation to buy another car
  • No hassles - we'll pick it up

Our cars aren't perfect & neither are we.

But we do promise to tell you the whole truth.

Used cars sometimes have slight blemishes. But you can rest easy,
knowing we'll point out anything you need to be aware of.

Tip: Carvana never sells vehicles that have been in an accident.

Don't take our word for it.

Read what actual customers have to say.

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