Work at Carvana.
Join a team that is disrupting the auto industry.
At Carvana, we are trying to make the worst consumer experience (car buying) meaningfully better and we are doing it by approaching the whole problem in a completely new way. In order to do that, we need a diversity of perspectives and experience. If you are energized by thinking creatively and working for a company where you will be able (and expected) to make a meaningful impact from day one, then we are the spot for you.
We are growing like crazy and want to build our team with passionate people. We are always looking for great talents in analytics, web development, design, customer advocates, and management. However, if you have another skill set or are just an awesome person, send us an email with your resume and cover letter and tell us why you would like to work for Carvana and why you would be a good fit.
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Ernie Garcia
ERNIE GARCIA  |  Founder / President
Ernie, a Stanford grad, believes deeply that the most important trait a person can have is passion. Ernie is deeply passionate about passion itself, great hair, and great products. He also giggles when people use the word passion.
Fun Fact: You can always spot Ernie in a crowd. He's the one with the crazy colorful shorts.
Ryan Keeton
RYAN KEETON  |  Co-Founder
Ryan, a Harvard grad, believes the key to great communication is reducing a complex message into a simple digestible nugget of persuasive genius. Ryan lives this out too; I mean what could tell a simpler story than a Don Draper hair part, hipster shirt, skater shoes, and confused facial hair.
Fun Fact: After a trauma with the movie Pet Cemetery as a kid, Ryan is terrified of scary movies, including the Hunger Games.
Ben Huston
BEN HUSTON  |  Co-Founder
Ben, a Stanford and Harvard grad (take that Ernie and Ryan!), is the master of getting things done and believes persistence and a careful plan are the metaphorical keys to his operational success. Ben is sort of like a combination of teddy bear and real bear in that at times he is cuddly and lovable and at times he is a big dumb animal.
Fun Fact: Ben's favorite Instagram filter is Valencia... Really Ben?
Our culture is shaped by you.
We will choose the right person, over the right skill set, every single time. No "expert" is ever worth a negative impact to our culture.