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Your experience doesn’t end once you get the keys. Our goal is to make sure you have peace of mind when it comes to your new ride.

Online means savings

Our 100% online process cuts out the middlemen, so you get a lower price from the start. No commissions, no pressure, and no hidden fees. Saving you $1,400 on average compared to traditional dealerships.

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Pick up your car or have it delivered

With Carvana, you decide how and when you’ll receive your ride. Have it delivered right to your driveway or pick it up from one of our car vending machines. Your choice.

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We’re looking out for you

Every Carvana car comes standard with a limited 100 day/4,189 mile warranty. Should anything happen, we'll take care of it so you can rest easy.

Inspected and perfected

Every one of our cars goes through a strict 150-point inspection to make sure it meets our high standards. We even include a free Carfax report, because if it isn’t good enough for us, it’s not good enough for you.

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7-Days to love it or return it

Every Carvana car comes with a 7-day return policy. Take it for a spin and see if it truly fits your life. If you don’t love it after 7-days, simply return it. It’s that easy.

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Giving Back

At Carvana, we put people first and selling cars second. Which is why giving back to local communities is an important part of our company’s mission.

Carpool Program

The Carpool program is a Carvana community-led initiative where we help spread goodwill by donating vehicles to people nominated by their friends, family, and neighbors for making an impact in their community.

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Car donation to a local hero

We’re always looking to help those who help others. So when we learned that Phoenix resident, Shannon Vivar, used her car to protect a family from a suspected drunk driver, we wasted no time in helping her out.

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How does your process work?

Great question! On our search page, we show a 360-degree view of our accident-free cars online and offer Touchless Delivery right to your driveway. To learn more about our safety measures, click here.

Once you've selected the car that you're interested in, we will ask you to choose your method of payment, including if you'd like to use a trade in as a down payment, and upload documents unique to your purchase.

Next, you can choose to add additional coverage or protection to your new car.

Finally, you will choose if you want your new car delivered or if you prefer to pick it up. Once you receive your vehicle, you'll get a 7 day test own. If you change your mind within those 7 days, we'll take it back or swap it out for another one up to 3 times. Click Get Started on any vehicle to begin!

Are Carvana's vehicles certified?

Each of our cars pass a detailed 150-point inspection process to earn our Carvana quality standard. Our cars have clean titles, no reported accidents, and no reported fire, frame, or flood damage. We stand behind our quality by offering a complimentary 100-day/4,189-mile Limited Warranty on every single car.

What if I don't like my car? Can I return it?

Yes! All Carvana cars come with a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you decide you don't like the car during those first 7 days, just give us a call to set up a return or exchange. You will be refunded the price you paid for the vehicle, excluding the shipping/delivery charge (if applicable).

What is the “Carpool” Charity Fund? Does Carvana really donate a car to an actual person in need?

You bet! The Carvana Referral Program is all about sharing the love of buying (and receiving) a car the new way with friends and family, while pooling money together in a crowd-sourced charity fund for someone in need.

Every time a Carvana customer refers a friend, we add $100 to the Carpool Charity Fund. When that fund reaches our goal amount, we’ll buy a car for someone in need.

Read more about our latest Carpool Charity Fund recipient and their inspiring story. You can also nominate someone you know to be eligible for our next Carpool grant by sending us an email at [email protected]

What happens at delivery?

We have adjusted our delivery process to better protect our customers during these unprecented times. Please view a breakdown of our updated touchless delivery experience below...

  1. Driver's license confirmation: Our Advocate will ask you to send a selfie with your driver’s license.

  2. Vehicle sanitation: We’ll unload the vehicle and use sanitizing wipes on the keys, shifter, and steering wheel. We’ll then leave the paperwork with a pen and keys inside the car.

  3. Customer call: Once the car is ready, we will get into the hauler and give you a call to let you know that you can take a look.

  4. Document review: After you’re finished with your test spin, we’ll call to walk you through signing your registration documents.

  5. Envelope collection: Once your paperwork is signed, we’ll ask you to place the registration envelope, along with any titles or checks, if applicable, in a secure spot for us to collect.

  6. Purchase completion: If everything is good to go, we’ll complete the purchase in our system and give you a call to say thanks!

  7. Paperwork review: Finally, we’ll review the paperwork for accuracy from inside the hauler before returning to our hub.