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Trade-in or sell your vehicle to Carvana in just a few easy steps.

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Get Your Offer

Share a few vehicle details and we’ll extend a real offer in 2 minutes. No haggling. No hassles.

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Trade-in or Sell

Trade in your old vehicle for a new one, or sell it to Carvana.

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Get Paid

We’ll do a quick, on-site review of your vehicle and pay you on the spot.

What Our Customers Are Saying

4.8 Stars

We've purchased more than 1 million cars from customers and received a lot of great feedback. See what’s behind our 4.8 star average rating.See All Reviews

My experience with Carvana and the sale of my vehicle was absolutely flawless. The Carvana offer was substantially better than that of similar car buy services. The Carvana agent was right on time for pickup, very friendly and professional and explained in detail the paperwork. I then received my check and my car was transported.

Ed M. 

from SC

Feb, 2023

This is the SECOND vehicle that I have sold to Carvana and I highly recommend them! It's super easy to go online and get an immediate offer. BOTH of my offers were well over my payoff amount. It is very easy to talk to someone in customer service if there is a problem (I misplaced my second key). The guy who came to get my car was very friendly and explained everything that I was signing. The process of pickup was less than 20 minutes!

Regina N. 

from NC

Jan, 2023

I recently sold our truck to Carvana. The whole process fast and straight forward, I'm still shocked how easy it was. I was offered a much better price compared to the other dealership offers I had. Once approved I went to the closest Carvana dealership and I was in and out in 15 minutes. Dropped our truck off on a Saturday and the money was in my account on Monday. It took the stress out of dealing with craigslist and marketplace.

Steph N. 

from TX

Feb, 2023

From start to finish Carvana was on top of everything even personally texting me to make sure I knew where I was going and if I had any questions if you need to sell a Vehicle then CarVana should be the first place you check

Marcus S. 

from RI

Feb, 2023

The entire process, from getting the quote, to dropping off my car and getting a check, was entirely painless and frictionless. No calls, no chats, no email tag... Nothing! When I got to their location, I was greeted by several extremely kind and energetic employees that made me feel comfortable immediately. I would say that in total, I invested a total of 40 minutes, between online quote and sale setup, to walking into and out of their location with a check

Mark B. 

from WI

Feb, 2023

I haven't experienced such a smooth selling experience. It was a breeze right from quote creation to handover of the car. Clear communication, simplified selling process, professionalism demonstrated by the advocate, competitive quote, pick up at your doorstep are something whch Carvana offers as a key differentiator as compared to others in the market.

Amarnath J. 

from IL

Feb, 2023

Exceedingly easy experience. Carvana purchased at a higher price than others. Paperwork was minimal. Car pickup at home was brief and with a very polite employee. Recommended without reservation

Eric S. 

from CO

Feb, 2023

Carvana absolutely crushed it! I had an amazing experience with them. I bought my car from Carvana a few years ago and there's a reason that I came back when it was time to sell. The experience is so flawless. I got a quote in minutes and they stuck to it.

Alexandra W. 

from TN

Feb, 2023

No haggling and pick up makes it a no brainer way to sell your car!

Joe L. 

from NJ

Feb, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about selling or trading your car? We’ve got you covered.

The process is simple and 100% online. To get a real offer for your car or truck, we will ask a few questions, starting with your license plate number or vehicle identification number (VIN), which helps us gather specific information about your vehicle. We’ll ask a few quick questions about your vehicle’s overall condition, mileage, and features. Based on this information, we’re able to make you a real offer, instantly.

From there, we will ask you to upload a few documents to verify you can sell the car, and then you choose how you’d like to be paid, and schedule an appointment to complete the sale. We have tons of Carvana locations, making it easy to drop off your vehicle. We also offer pickup, for an additional service charge, for customers in specific locations.

For more details, check out how it works.

Yes! You can absolutely sell us your car, even if you’re not ready to buy another car now. It’s an easy, online process to sell or trade-in your vehicle. We buy thousands of cars each week from customers like you.

A “trade-in” happens when you sell your current vehicle as part of the purchase of your next vehicle. Trading in your vehicle with Carvana is simple and can increase your buying power by lowering your down payment. Plus, in many states there are big sales tax savings only available when you trade-in.

To get started, answer a few questions to get an offer for your current car. Your offer is valid for 7 days, and if you save it to your Carvana account, you’ll see the benefit of your trade-in as you shop.

We will be there to help guide you the whole way!

We combine the vehicle details you provide, such as options, accident history, and mileage, along with data from service records, trusted pricing guides, and our own market analysis. We analyze hundreds of data points to create a real offer, personalized for you. You’ll receive the strongest offer we can give based on our analysis of your vehicle’s value and current auto market conditions.

In most cases, we ask for photos of three items: your ID, your vehicle’s title, and odometer. We tailor what we request based on considerations unique to you and your car and don’t ask for anything we don’t need. We’ll request documents unique to your situation, like if you have a loan, a lease, or multiple owners.

We make it easy and secure to send documents right from your mobile phone or laptop. And we’re here to answer any questions you have along the way.

Carvana will pay you for your car at your pickup or drop-off appointment. We’ll either hand you a printed check or initiate payment via an ACH direct deposit into your checking or savings account (ACH transfers normally take between 2-5 business days). The appointment is fast – we simply confirm the basic details about your vehicle and complete final sale documents – ensuring you get paid as quickly as possible.

Drop-off appointments, at one of our convenient Carvana hubs or awesome vending machines, are available to everyone and are always free! Many customers choose to drive to us and get a ride home with a friend or rideshare service.

Depending on your location, we also offer a pickup service. Many customers find this convenient and valuable. Given the time involved and the special equipment required, we charge for this service based on your location. The charge varies by location and can change based on demand in your area. The actual charge will be shared at the time of scheduling.

Our appointments are fast and easy - we will take a quick look at your car to confirm the vehicle details, pass you a couple of papers to sign, and then pay you on the spot!

Yes, we help lots of customers sell cars with loans. We’ll guide you through the process to gather your loan payoff information, and in some cases, we can help gather it directly from your lender. We’ll pay your loan provider directly when we buy your vehicle.

If your vehicle is worth more than you owe, we’ll pay you the difference, or you can apply it toward the purchase of your next vehicle from Carvana.

Until the sale of your vehicle to Carvana is completed, please continue to make your normal loan payments to avoid late payment penalties with your lender. You’ll be reimbursed for any overpayment.

We are here to help you sell your leased car, but whether we can buy it depends on your leasing company policies. Some leasing companies allow us to pay off leases early (sometimes called a “lease buyout”), but others will not allow Carvana to pay off a customer’s lease. Include your lease information as part of your answers to the appraisal questions, and in most cases we can provide next steps with your offer.

Your offer from Carvana is valid for 7 days. If the information you provide accurately reflects your vehicle details and condition, your offer will not change.

If you submit updated information, we will generate a new offer for you, automatically. We’ll also update your offer if you resubmit the same information at a later date. We use the best information available to us to make the strongest offers we can, based on our analysis of your vehicle’s value and current auto market conditions.

We rely on our customers to submit accurate information about their vehicle details and condition. We do a combination of automated checks, car photo reviews, and a final confirmation at the pick-up appointment to ensure the car matches the information submitted for appraisal. If we identify a mismatch, we’ll work with you to generate an updated offer.

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