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2016 Lexus Es 300H Guide

Get the best online car shopping experience with expert reviews of the 2016 Lexus Es 300H. Read more to learn about the most important features and important factors to consider when researching the 2016 Lexus Es 300H.

Overview2016 LEXUS ES 300H

The 2016 Lexus ES 300h is part of the sixth generation of the Lexus ES series. It is Lexus's offering in the hybrid vehicle class and gives buyers a chance to purchase a luxury sedan while getting superior fuel efficiency. Like any Lexus ES car, comfort is at a premium in the 2016 300h, and every feature in the car is aimed at making the vehicle cozy.


Fuel Economy

One of the first great things about any hybrid vehicle is its fuel economy, and the 2016 300h is no exception. For this model year, the 300h will get you 40 miles per gallon in the city, which is a good measure for a luxury sedan. The real-life fuel efficiency matches the advertised amount, and the 17-gallon fuel tax means that you will practically never need to fill up.

Interior Comfort

One thing that is not sacrificed in the name of fuel efficiency is the interior space of the 2016 300h. There are 40 inches of legroom in the rear, and five passengers can comfortably ride in this car. The sedan is also relatively high with over 37 inches of headroom. Combined with an effective suspension system, this is one of the more comfortable rides you will find.


The 2016 300h has achieved high reliability ratings. J.D. Power has given the 2016 300h a five-star reliability rating, which is the highest available score. This means that you will spend more time on the road and less in the repair shop, and the car has shown that it holds value over time.


Driver Experience

Drivers have noted that the experience behind the wheel of the 2016 300h is less than it could be in a luxury car. Lexus has not provided for much driver engagement with the car, and it has been noted that the 300h is not as fun to drive as other Lexus models.

Engine Power

The 300h seems to sacrifice some engine power in the name of being able to offer the class as a hybrid vehicle. The engine's acceleration does not compare favorably with the ES 350, and acceleration to 60 happens in just over eight seconds. While the engine power is good enough, many expect an engine with a sense of urgency when they think of a Lexus.

Trunk Space

The engine's hybrid battery pack takes up considerable space, and it comes at the expense of the cargo room in the trunk. The available cargo space in the trunk is only 12 cubic feet, which is smaller than most others in its class. The rear seats do not fold to allow for more space for luggage and other bags.

2016 Lexus ES 300h Reviews

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