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Third-row Seating SUVs Guide

Get the best online car shopping experience with expert reviews of Third-row Seating SUVs. Read more to learn about the most important features and important factors to consider when researching Third-row Seating SUVs.


Traveling can become a happier experience for everyone in your vehicle when you drive an SUV with third-row seating. There are times when two rows of seating won't provide you with the comfort you want for your passengers. A third row of seats can increase the number of occupants in your vehicle and give everyone some breathing room. Newer models offer front-facing third-row seats as well as lots of convenient technology features and can easily grow passenger capacity from six to nine. Carvana provides a large inventory of third-row SUVs to browse.


Seating Flexibility and Multiple Configuration

Third-row seats can flip down flat to provide cargo space or flip up to seat a passenger. Higher-end SUVs may give you push-button convenience when you want to flatten the third row for cargo holding. Some manufacturers make the third row of seats completely removable. There are models in which the second row is just as flexible as the third row.

Entertainment and Technology Features

Keeping everyone entertained and occupied is essential, and display screens and wireless headsets are an ideal option. Third-row USB ports and entertainment systems for rear-seat passengers can include ceiling drop-down screens and headrest-mounted units. Android Auto integration and Apple CarPlay are other third-row features included in many SUVs.

Hands-Free Power Options

Trigger the hands-free power liftgate, and the back of the vehicle will open on its own. This is a convenient feature when you've got your hands full and you need to enter the back of the SUV. This feature operates using a key fob. Moving your foot under the rear bumper with the fob in your possession may close the gate on some models.


Third-Row Seating Size

In a small- to midsize SUV, third-row seats might be difficult for a larger person to reach. Average-size adults may not be comfortable for any length of time in some third-row seats. Look to a full-size SUV if you intend to routinely place adults in the third row for long trips.

Towing Features

If you plan on towing a large boat or trailer and still want third-row seating, consider a full-size SUV. Full-size SUVs are typically built with truck-like towing capability and will have the power and features needed to travel safely. Check the tow rating for the SUV against your requirements to ensure you can continue with your outdoor activities. The owner's manual is a great resource for identifying weight limitations and other factors that may affect your driving experience.

Cargo Capacity

Using the third row as a cargo hold is possible in most mid- and full-size SUVs. In some cases, both the second and third row of seats can flatten to increase the size available for hauling. If your third row is fixed, you may not have the ability to easily haul longer or larger items.

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