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Subaru BRZ Guide

Get the best online car shopping experience with expert reviews of the Subaru BRZ. Read more to learn about the most important features and important factors to consider when researching the Subaru BRZ.


Sports car enthusiasts with a little less money to spare have always been a fan of the BRZ. It's one of the highest performance level sports cars you can get for the money. Subaru focuses mostly on front-seat comfort while leaving the back seat without much care. In fact, some commentators urge you to just forget there is a back seat in the first place. That said, the BRZ offers a fun, dynamic driving experience that packs a lot of value into such a small sports car.


Driving Dynamics

Thanks to its sport-tuned suspension and low center of gravity, you'll find the BRZ to be a generally exhilarating drive as the Performance Package gives you such upgrades as Brembo brakes for a better and more responsive stopping time. You get a 205-horsepower Subaru BOXER engine, complete with the option for an automatic transmission with paddle shifters. The tS features STI sport-tuned suspension with Sachs performance shock absorbers for a gentler rev while the tS trim also features Brembo brakes as standard.

Nice Front Seat Interior

If you're driving or in the front passenger seat, you're in for a relatively upscale experience as the push-button start and leather/Alcantara-trimmed upholstery is standard on the base-model Limited. The tS kicks things up a notch with red contrast stitching and accents that make for a much more alluring cabin. A 7-inch touch screen is a nice add-on for a traditional sports car.

Sleek Exterior

The BRZ has always been about the value, but the budget pricing still shouldn't deter from the fact that the BRZ is an attractive sports car. The BRZ's LED headlights, featherweight build, and enticing color options all combine for a handsome stance. The 17-inch STI alloy wheels with matte bronze finish are standard on the tS.



Much has been said about the noisy cabin and engine of the BRZ. There's no sound insulation to protect the cabin from those much relished sports car sounds, and this can detract from the nice eight-speaker sound system that comes with the BRZ. One quick solution is to get the improved sport-tuned suspension on the tS trim as it quiets the ride down a bit.

Automatic Transmission Only on Limited

The tS trim, the nicer and more expensive of the two trims, only offers a manual gearbox. It's a disappointing choice you have to make here, although the fact that you can get a Performance Package with the Limited makes it possible to get almost all of your performance upgrades and still nab the automatic transmission. It's not clear why Subaru chose to nix the automatic option on the tS.

No Driver-Assist Features

The BRZ only rated a 4-star rating in crash tests from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Subaru has also completely nixed any driver-assist features like blind-spot monitoring or automatic emergency braking. It keeps the cost of the BRZ down, but it makes for a difficult dilemma as you lose modern safety features that have become the norm on most cars.

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