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Discontinued by General Motors in 2009, the Saturn brand leaves behind a legacy of sturdy, safe, affordable and fuel-efficient vehicles across all classes. Saturn launched in 1985 in Spring Hill, Tennessee, as "a different kind of car company." Over its history, Saturn released 10 basic models of vehicle, including the S-series and L-series sedans and station wagons, the VUE compact crossover, the ION compact quad coupe and sedan, the RELAY minivan and the Sky roadster, among others. J.D. Power and Associates regularly ranked Saturn vehicles among the top three for customer sales and owner satisfaction.


Solidly Built

Wear and tear is to be expected with any vehicle regardless of brand, but Saturn did all it could with its vehicles to minimize and stave off those eventualities and, moreover, prevent any serious problems outside those expected norms. In both 1992 and 1997, Saturn even won the J.D. Power and Associates Quality Award for having the fewest reported issues per 100 drivers within the initial three months after purchase.

Fuel Efficiency

Saturns are not only economical on the front end with their lower price point than rival vehicles in the same class; they are also economical on the back end to maintain, with superior fuel economy built into most models. In terms of Saturn sedans alone, the Astra gets 27 mpg combined in town and on the highway, the ION 24 mpg and the S-Series 29 mpg. As for the other classes of Saturn vehicle, the VUE SUV gets 19 mpg combined while Relay and Outlook tend to get around 19 mpg combined.

Family Vehicles

Known for their reliability and handling even among large-size vehicles like SUVs, wagons and minivans, Saturns are built for families. Their interiors offer tremendous passenger and cargo space, with room for up to eight passengers comfortably. Certain models like the Outlook even offer exceptional towing capabilities. Meanwhile, passengers can easily access all interior seating.


No More No-Haggle Pricing

One of the greatest appeals of new Saturns to buyers was the brand's innovative and consumer-friendly approach to car sales and customer relations, including a pricing structure that precluded annoying conventional haggling. Now that the only Saturns you can find are used, however, that era of no-haggle pricing is part of history.

Repair Challenges

It can be difficult to find a mechanic savvy in fixing a discontinued vehicle like a Saturn. It can also be hard to obtain the parts necessary to repair such vehicles, lending to higher repair costs.

Utilitarian Minimalism

While the materials Saturn uses in its vehicles may be durable and economical, they can look plain and cheap, especially in the models with hard plastic bodies. The materials in the Aura cabin, for example, are subpar compared to its rivals, and the seats lack basic ergonomics. In addition, vehicles like the Saturn Astra lack an iPhone jack and only have one cup holder.

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