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Hyundai Veloster Guide

Get the best online car shopping experience with expert reviews of the Hyundai Veloster. Read more to learn about the most important features and important factors to consider when researching the Hyundai Veloster.

OverviewHyundai Veloster

The Veloster's signature design element continues to be its unique door configuration. Instead of being just another compact two-door hatchback, the Veloster has a single driver-side door and two passenger-side doors. That extra door makes carrying a third, or even fourth, passenger a piece of cake because there's no need for the contortions a typical passenger must go through in order to get into the rear seat of a coupe. Discover the ins and outs on used Hyundai Velosters, available now in Carvana's inventory.


Distinctive Styling

There's no doubt that the Hyundai Veloster's exterior design boasts originality. With its three-door body style, the Veloster makes it much easier for passengers on the passenger side of the vehicle to access the rear seat compared to your standard two-door coupe.

Impressive List Of Standard Features

When it comes to your run-of-the-mill base coupe, you'll typically be forced to shell out a little extra cash in order to enjoy certain cabin creature comforts. With the Veloster, that's not the case. Standard on the Veloster are items such as a rearview camera, a touchscreen infotainment system, and satellite radio.

Good Fuel Economy

For a sporty looking vehicle, the Veloster actually holds up pretty darn well at the pump. With an EPA-estimated fuel economy of 30 mpg combined with the manual transmission model (27 mpg city/35 mpg highway) and 31 mpg combined when equipped with automatic transmission (28 mpg city/36 mpg highway), the Veloster won't punish your pocketbook.


Driving Experience

Despite its unique styling, the Veloster really doesn't offer a whole lot under the hood. The Veloster's base model has earned criticism for being surprisingly slow, particularly when equipped with the automatic transmission. Furthermore, while the turbocharged model is a notable step up from the base, the Veloster is still slower than virtually every other rival in its class.

Driving Comfort

The Veloster's tightly tuned suspension doesn't make it an ideal vehicle if you're seeking a smooth ride. Rough stretches of road are going to be particularly loathsome to navigate, as bumps and ruts will have you feeling jarred and jostled.

Cargo Space

Though it's a hatchback by description, the Veloster doesn't offer hatchback level cargo accommodations. Behind the rear seats, the Veloster offers 15.5 cubic feet of storage capacity (large enough to fit three bags of golf clubs). With the rear seats folded down, storage capacity extends to 34.7 cubic feet -- not bad when measured against two-door coupes, though it falls about 10 feet short compared to most compact hatchbacks.

Hyundai Veloster Reviews

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