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Of the three brands in the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) family, Dodge is the one known for performance, which you'll find in models like the Dodge Challenger sports coupe and the Dodge Charger sedan. In addition to those two built-for-speed models, the latest Dodge line features the Dodge Journey and Dodge Durango SUVs as well as the Dodge Grand Caravan minivan. The Grand Caravan is one of Dodge's most popular vehicles and comes packing a 293-horsepower engine and 1,500 pounds of towing capability. Other Dodge models that you can find used include compacts like the Dodge Caliber and Dodge Dart, sedans like the Dodge Avenger, sports cars like the Dodge Viper, and SUVs like the Dodge Nitro. Pickup trucks, including the Dodge Dakota and Dodge Ram 1500, 2500 and 3500, round out the brand's offerings.


Dodge Performance

Dodge has always been known for building high-performance vehicles, winning J.D. Power performance awards for its models almost every year since 1996. As just one example, Consumer Reports ranks the Dodge Challenger R/T Plus as one of the quickest cars with the fastest acceleration, reaching 60 mph from standing still in 5.5 seconds. Models like the SRT Demon and SRT Hellcat add even higher-performance features, such as souped-up engines and suspensions.

Tech Upgrades

Dodge has retained everything that has kept its classic vehicles relevant while always being mindful to add the latest technologies to keep up with changing times. Most recently, this includes tech like a ParkView back-up camera featuring a Uconnect touchscreen for extra safety and convenience. The 2019 Demon features air-catcher headlamps that are dual-illuminated for maximum visibility and style.

Many Customization Possibilities

Dodge offers you seemingly endless customization options on most of its models. The Charger comes in a multitude of graphics packages and trim levels. The Challenger also provides a variety of trim options and levels, such as the Stars and Stripes and Brass Monkey appearance packages. The R/T Scat Pack Challenger is now in Widebody, and the base SXT trim now comes with available all-wheel drive.


Same Dodge, Different Year

Dodge vehicles may add various tech upgrades to stay current, but the basic design of the Dodge line doesn't change much with each year's new models. This may be fine for drivers who appreciate Dodge's reputation for performance no matter what package it comes in, but others may find the sameness of Dodge's designs uninspiring.

Inconsistent Reliability

Not all Dodge models are equally reliable. Fuel-efficiency on the Charger, for example, can be poor at high speeds. The Journey, too, has subpar fuel economy along with a weaker, older transmission and base engine than its rivals, making performance and handling lag as well.

Not a Beauty Pageant

Dodge vehicles are more about power, performance and size than style and aesthetics. The interior materials can look cheap on some models, like the 2020 Charger. The design features of the 2019 Charger, meanwhile, are bold, but that doesn't necessarily equate with luxury style. In the Challenger, the interior is rubberized and the exterior seems proportioned to create a clunky impression.

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