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BMW 5 Guide

Get the best online car shopping experience with expert reviews of the BMW 5. Read more to learn about the most important features and important factors to consider when researching the BMW 5.

BMW 5Overview

The 2019 BMW 5-Series has been developed and positioned as a high-end luxury unit that packs a lot of power and great agility on the road. The current BMW 5 boasts over 27 years of progressive research and development, most of which has been praised as enhanced sophistication, great premier performance, and perfected technology.


Efficiency and Performance

The BMW 530e happens to be one of the most popular sedans in the BMW 5-Series. It comes with a twin-power turbo-inline 4-cylinder 16-valve engine, which delivers about 18 horsepower. The Double-VANOS and Valvetronic twin-scroll turbocharger offers the best variable valve control for the highest engine performance. Other hybrid models have integrated alternating current electric motor, which delivers a total power output of 248 horsepower. With an acceleration of 0 to 60 miles per hour in 6.2 seconds when in automatic mode, the 5-Series can easily reach speeds of up to 130 miles per hour.

Smart Instrumentation and Controls

The 5-Series comes equipped with various advanced features to offer you a smarter drive. The live cockpit professional has a 12.3-inch instrumentation cluster and a 10.25-inch central display that offers voice-based control as well as touchscreen control. Among the integrated instrumentations and services include navigation services, Bluetooth connectivity, USB connectivity, as well as multimedia services. For greater convenience and integrated outlook of the vehicle's functionality, the systems offer additional features, including tire pressure monitoring and internal climate controls.

Vehicle Handling

The luxury sedan is designed to ensure a smooth, safe, and comfortable ride. This is facilitated by state-of-the-art dynamic stability control, which coordinates additional systems, including the Brake Fade Compensation, Brake Drying, Anti-lock Braking System, and Dynamic Traction Control. These features work together to offer you assistive handling functionalities for the smoothest possible ride. The Servotronic Power Steering System allows you to control the steering wheel on a speed-dependent scale for the best traction and balance.


Limited Drive Options

The BMW 5-Series no longer comes in the manual transmission option. This can be a major blow, especially if you are a fan of the manual transmission. Being an SUV model, missing out on the manual transmission can cause you not to appreciate the actual power that the BMW 5 packs. This is because the automatic transmission system may sometimes be sluggish when it comes to handling gears.

Steering Control

The sedan's electric power steering system does not offer the desired level of feedback for a vehicle designed to cruise at high speeds and cutting sharp corners. If you have previously driven a traditional sports sedan from BMW, then you may have to readjust to gradually adapt to making more steering motion for the vehicle to respond favorably.

Normal Malfunctions

The BMW 5-Series has previously suffered from slight issues when it comes to airbag deployment, where some airbags fail to deploy accordingly. Because this is a readily solvable technical error, which the company has committed to fixing on every affected unit, there's not much cause for concern as you only need to take it for inspection after buying a used BMW 5 Series unit.

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